Minnesota Hockey District 1

Substitute Skater/Goalie Request





D. Substitute Players. In the event a rostered player(s) is not able to participate in a scrimmage or league game, a substitute player may play in place of the rostered player provided;1

1. The substitute player is not from a higher Age or Level

2. Substituting does not interfere with activities of his/her home team

3. The substitute player may play ONLY if rostered players are not able to play. 

4. The team must have the approval of the District Director on the Substitute Player / Substitute Goalie form. This form may be submitted to the District Director in the form of an email. Approval may likewise  be given in the form of an email. 

5. Skaters or Goalkeepers may be substituted. 

6. In the case of a skater, a substitute may be used only if a team would otherwise have less than ten skaters and may only be used to bring the team up to 10 skaters.

7. In the event a rostered goalie(s) is not able to participate in a scrimmage, league, invitational tournament, or District Tournament game, a substitute goalie may play in place of the rostered goalie. 

8. A team may substitute up to two skaters and one goalie in any District scrimmage or league game. Substitutions beyond this number are allowed at the discretion of the District Director, but will result in a game forfeit for the substituting team.


Please direct questions to: Paul Egtvedt


Paul Egtvedt

District Director